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The Lock Blog

Welcome to The Lock BlogWe here at Bright Lock and Key decided to add a section about all the new and interesting locks that are coming out.  Partly because we want to show you all the expensive locks that you should buy from us, but mostly because we like different, and we thought that you might as well.  

Every couple of weeks I am going to post a new and interesting lock. It will include a pic and description of what it is and what makes it the most awesome thing you've seen since green mustard.  If you happen to run across a fun and interesting lock on your internet adventures then send us an email about it. There is an email form on our contact page.

So check back about 20 times a day, not because my number of internet hits puts me higher on the google charts, but because you never know when i might just post the next lock you can't live without. 


Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad


You are looking at the coolest lock EVER!! Watch the video if you don't believe me. No need to watch all the install part just the part about how to use it. They had to add all the boring install instructions at the end to calm you down. If you watch just the first part and try to drive somewhere afterwards you may just be so excited that you can't concentrate and crash. Serious, I tried to write this blog with only watching the first half and my hands were shaking so much I couldn't type.

   So what is so cool about it you ask? Well first off shame on you for doubting me.  Well I am not sure if you remember the spin deadbolt from a couple months ago, but this is kind of a cooler electronic version. You spin the trim to lock the bolt just like the spin deadbolt, but now you can just type in a code and spin the bolt right back to unlock the door. Who has all that time to pull out a key and use it. I know what you are thinking, "It uses batteries. I don't want to replace batteries all the time. And those things are expensive!" Well this is why Master Lock is so clever. The batteries in this lock will last way longer then other electronic deadbolts. Other deadbolts have a little motor that moves the bolt, and that take a lot of juice. Well this bolt lets you do all the hard bolt moving. It just moves a little pin inside that lets you able to move the bolt. I am not really sure it is a pin. It could be a mini unicorn that gets a little shock and hooks up a chain from the spin trim to the bolt. I have not taken it apart to check. Those unicorns are fast and hard to catch if they get loose.

Plus think of it this way. If the battery goes dead some years from now it will just turn into a deadbolt. Just the same as how a escalator never breaks, it just turns into stairs. And if you don't have the money for batteries then what are you doing sitting at a computer? Go find a job and stop wasting money on the internet bill and go buy batteries for your new most awesome lock ever. If you would like one of these, wait what am I saying? Of course you want one! When you get $120 call us at Bright Lock and Key at 586-991-1274 or email us at and we will get you one. Or if you are reading this from some place that I don't feel like driving to we can mail it to you.  I am saying sorry in advance for the sleepless nights you will have until you get one.


Halo Bicycle Lock has Wi-Fi connection

If you tend to get around town on just two wheels and a whole lot of pedal power, chances are you hang out with a similar group of friends as well who don't mind sweating it out a bit just to do their bit for the environment when traveling. Well, there might be some of you out there who have experienced the pain of losing a bicycle to a thief, and perhaps the Halo bicycle lock concept could prevent such untoward incidents in the future. It comes with an Eye-Fi card that will allow it to send an alert to your smartphone wirelessly the moment your lock is tampered with - of course, this means you must always park within a free wi-fi zone for this to happen.


USB Electronic Key Impressioner

For locksmiths, making a replacement car key without its identifying code can be a grueling procedure. Steve Randall should know—he spent a summer during college working for his father's locksmithing company, watching experts struggle with the process. Lacking the identification codes, called bittings, that tell them which patterns to cut into blanks, locksmiths must rely on trial and error to make a perfect fit. Inspired, Randall and a friend, Ted Schwarzkopf, recently unveiled a solution: the Electronic Key Impressioner. 

The Impressioner consists of a sensor that goes into the lock and sends information back to a computer via USB about the location of the lock's tumblers—a corresponding computer program comes up with the code, depending on the make of car you've entered beforehand. Once you know the code, a key-cutting machine can use it to carve up a key.

Some keys are more complicated than this system can anticipate. For example, many car keys have transponders in them, so even if a newly cut key can open a car, it won't be able to start it. But tools exist already for locksmiths to crack transponder codes—and there are plenty of cars out there that still use simple, old-fashioned key technology. 

It doesn't take a huge leap of logic to note that what could be a perfect invention for locksmiths could easily turn into a payday for thieves—and a nightmare for car companies. There are plenty of "for locksmiths only" tools out there that make breaking into cars easy (for people who locked their keys in the car, for example). But the ability to fabricate the perfect key without getting a code from the manufacturer could make it easier for thieves to resell stolen cars. If you're stealing a car these days, there's a good chance you're not bothering to actually pick the locks, but if you are, your job is about to get a little easier.  Right now it only works on Fords with simple metal keys (like, say, a 1967 Shelby GT500), but the hope is to expand the device to support other manufacturers and, possibly, electronic keys in the future. It will be available to locksmiths and authorized security professionals in 2010. Sorry, Nick, you'll have to find another way to get into Eleanor.

So Randall and Schwarzkopf need to plan for problems on two fronts—on the one hand they need to make sure their device stays in the right hands, on the other, they need to make sure it stays relevant. After all, once such a surefire way to replicate car keys exists, how long will it be until companies change their lock technology completely? 

As far as security is concerned, the device's first line of defense will be the same as all professional lock-picking devices—it will only be for sale to state-licensed locksmiths. But if that doesn't work out, the company will be able to shut down rogue systems. When the software starts up, it will have to connect to a database full of updated key codes—that system will have the authority to brick the device remotely. 


The wooden combination lock

This is nice little wooden combination lock for you to check out. I always have people asking me how a safe lock works. This video will give you a real good idea how everything looks and works inside. This is not really anything that you can buy, but I don't think you would want a wood lock anyway. Well maybe if you were Amish you might. But this is just how your metal combo lock works, in case you were wondering.

Come to think of it, if you are Amish and you are watching this then shame on you!! Computers are evil devil machines. What are you thinking Isaac? Go back to churning butter and raising barns.  Ok now that I have cleared out all the non-heathens, you can now go ahead a watch the video.   


Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt

  This Is the new Key Control Deadbolt.  This is the lock for you if you run an apartment building or have rental property.  So before i explain why this crazy looking thing has 2 places for a key to go in, let me first explain how the new smart key cylinders work. 

A couple years ago Kwikset invented the new smart key cylinder. Now what is so great about this cylinder is that any average person can change the lock so that it works with a new key.  It only takes about 30 seconds and you dont even have to take the lock off the door.  You just insert your key, turn it to the right, press the little tool that comes with the lock into the little hole, pull out your key (while the key is still sideways) and put in your new key and turn it to the left. DONE!! Thats it, the old key no longer works, and the new one does.

Ok so sounds great, but the problem with that lock cylinder is that you can not master key it. That means have 2 different keys work in the same lock. So good for the normal home owner but not for the guy renting out houses. So what Kwickset invented is this little wonder. There is a cylinder on the bottom of the lock that looks normal, but when the landlord needs to use his master key he uses the little tool for changing the lock to spin the cover plate over to show the cylinder that works on there master key. 

Here is a link to Kwiksets site, where there is a little video to show it in action.  After you see the video and you decide that you might want one, call us here at Bright Lock & Key at 586-991-1274