Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad
Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 1:08PM
Bright Lock & Key


You are looking at the coolest lock EVER!! Watch the video if you don't believe me. No need to watch all the install part just the part about how to use it. They had to add all the boring install instructions at the end to calm you down. If you watch just the first part and try to drive somewhere afterwards you may just be so excited that you can't concentrate and crash. Serious, I tried to write this blog with only watching the first half and my hands were shaking so much I couldn't type.

   So what is so cool about it you ask? Well first off shame on you for doubting me.  Well I am not sure if you remember the spin deadbolt from a couple months ago, but this is kind of a cooler electronic version. You spin the trim to lock the bolt just like the spin deadbolt, but now you can just type in a code and spin the bolt right back to unlock the door. Who has all that time to pull out a key and use it. I know what you are thinking, "It uses batteries. I don't want to replace batteries all the time. And those things are expensive!" Well this is why Master Lock is so clever. The batteries in this lock will last way longer then other electronic deadbolts. Other deadbolts have a little motor that moves the bolt, and that take a lot of juice. Well this bolt lets you do all the hard bolt moving. It just moves a little pin inside that lets you able to move the bolt. I am not really sure it is a pin. It could be a mini unicorn that gets a little shock and hooks up a chain from the spin trim to the bolt. I have not taken it apart to check. Those unicorns are fast and hard to catch if they get loose.

Plus think of it this way. If the battery goes dead some years from now it will just turn into a deadbolt. Just the same as how a escalator never breaks, it just turns into stairs. And if you don't have the money for batteries then what are you doing sitting at a computer? Go find a job and stop wasting money on the internet bill and go buy batteries for your new most awesome lock ever. If you would like one of these, wait what am I saying? Of course you want one! When you get $120 call us at Bright Lock and Key at 586-991-1274 or email us at and we will get you one. Or if you are reading this from some place that I don't feel like driving to we can mail it to you.  I am saying sorry in advance for the sleepless nights you will have until you get one.

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