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The Lock Blog

Welcome to The Lock BlogWe here at Bright Lock and Key decided to add a section about all the new and interesting locks that are coming out.  Partly because we want to show you all the expensive locks that you should buy from us, but mostly because we like different, and we thought that you might as well.  

Every couple of weeks I am going to post a new and interesting lock. It will include a pic and description of what it is and what makes it the most awesome thing you've seen since green mustard.  If you happen to run across a fun and interesting lock on your internet adventures then send us an email about it. There is an email form on our contact page.

So check back about 20 times a day, not because my number of internet hits puts me higher on the google charts, but because you never know when i might just post the next lock you can't live without. 


Key Copy Vending Machine

Looks like they have made a key vending machine.  As a locksmith I should probably be bothered by this, but I think that every locksmith should buy one and put it outside their shop and make the keys 25 cents cheaper than the keys made in the shop. That way the locksmith can focus on all the other things that locksmiths do, such as rekeys and fixing locks. And if the machine does not cut the keys well enough then they can bring the key back in the shop to get recut. I think I might claim that the machine is not mine though. That will teach them for using machines. It starts with key machines and ends with terminators roaming the world hunting for humans. I was never really that worried that much before because I knew I could just lock the terminator outside. But guess what, now they have the keys to get in!  It would be good for those people who can not make it to the shop during normal business hours because they are working though.



Kwickset Smart Key and Schlage SecureKey

So in an effort to make changing your locks easier, Kwickset and Schlage have both come out with locks that allow the homeowner to change the working key of their lock. The way you can tell them apart from normal locks is that the Schlage lock has a + symbol above where you stick the key into. The Kwickset lock has a small hole to the left of where the key enters the lock, as you can see in the pictures.  Now as a locksmith I should not like this idea, but I kinda liked the idea. I personally think it would save a person money when they only have one or two locks to change. But as time has gone on us locksmiths have noticed some design flaws in the locks and have noticed that they are much less secure than the normal kwickset and schlage locks. I hear that Schlage has actually taken them off the market because of the amount of problems they were having.  If you happen to have one of these lock you may want to consider changing them to the normal pin tumbler style locks.  If you would like to look into it further just youtube or google problems with kwickset smartkey or Schlage securekey. 


Protect yourself from Locksmith scammers

 The Locksmith community has been trying to make people aware of the Locksmith scammers that have been taking advantage of our customers. The Today Show has done a story to make people aware of the problem. Please watch this video and share it with as many people as possible. These scammers have a lot of money and buy full page Ads in the Yellowpages and have very well done websites in order to make you think that are a company that can be trusted. When you call a Locksmith for service make sure that you get a total price for all the services rendered on the phone first. Watch out for the full page ads in the yellowpages. Local locksmiths don't usually buy ads that large. Be aware of 800 and 888 numbers. These scammers are working out of a call center in other states, so see if they know about something that only someone local would know about. Know that the local Locksmiths are doing everything we can to stop them so please help by spreading awareness. And most importantly save our number in your phone now so that when you need us you don't have to worry about dealing with a scammer. Bright Lock and Key 586-991-1274


The Door Angel

LOK-A-BOLT “Door Angel”, is a simple device that is placed over a “deadbolt knob” when the deadbolt is in the locked position, thus preventing the deadbolt from rotating enough to retract the deadbolt. This assures that the door cannot be unlocked from the outside. This amazing device is simple and inexpensive, yet delivers exceptional protection against intruders who may have keys. <--This in the website that it can be purchased from, for $15 plus shipping.  The website explains how it works but I am a little worried about the sexist tone on the website. The big banner says "Women love it!" What about wimpy men! Lets get with the times Lok-A-Bolt!  Also in their description it says "protection against intruders who may have keys, such as landlords, building superintendents, ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, thieves, sex offenders, etc."  What about ex-wives and crazy girlfriends?  But other than the lack of equal opportunity descriptions, it looks to be a good product.


Who has lock art ideas?

So the other weekend I was at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak and decided having a tent would be good advertising.  So next year I would like to have a tent with art made from locks. So if anyone has some ideas on what I can make out of locks that would be nice art pieces please comment on this blog entry or email me at .  Also I need to learn how to weld brass pieces together, so if anyone knows anything about that send me some info.  And for all of you photo junkies, send me those artsy pictures of those old padlocks on barn doors or whatever you happen to have.  I have 3 or 4 ideas already but that won't fill a tent so I will be waiting to hear from you guys.