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The Lock Blog

Welcome to The Lock BlogWe here at Bright Lock and Key decided to add a section about all the new and interesting locks that are coming out.  Partly because we want to show you all the expensive locks that you should buy from us, but mostly because we like different, and we thought that you might as well.  

Every couple of weeks I am going to post a new and interesting lock. It will include a pic and description of what it is and what makes it the most awesome thing you've seen since green mustard.  If you happen to run across a fun and interesting lock on your internet adventures then send us an email about it. There is an email form on our contact page.

So check back about 20 times a day, not because my number of internet hits puts me higher on the google charts, but because you never know when i might just post the next lock you can't live without. 

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Kwickset Smart Key and Schlage SecureKey

So in an effort to make changing your locks easier, Kwickset and Schlage have both come out with locks that allow the homeowner to change the working key of their lock. The way you can tell them apart from normal locks is that the Schlage lock has a + symbol above where you stick the key into. The Kwickset lock has a small hole to the left of where the key enters the lock, as you can see in the pictures.  Now as a locksmith I should not like this idea, but I kinda liked the idea. I personally think it would save a person money when they only have one or two locks to change. But as time has gone on us locksmiths have noticed some design flaws in the locks and have noticed that they are much less secure than the normal kwickset and schlage locks. I hear that Schlage has actually taken them off the market because of the amount of problems they were having.  If you happen to have one of these lock you may want to consider changing them to the normal pin tumbler style locks.  If you would like to look into it further just youtube or google problems with kwickset smartkey or Schlage securekey. 

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