Key Copy Vending Machine
Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 9:54AM
Bright Lock & Key

Looks like they have made a key vending machine.  As a locksmith I should probably be bothered by this, but I think that every locksmith should buy one and put it outside their shop and make the keys 25 cents cheaper than the keys made in the shop. That way the locksmith can focus on all the other things that locksmiths do, such as rekeys and fixing locks. And if the machine does not cut the keys well enough then they can bring the key back in the shop to get recut. I think I might claim that the machine is not mine though. That will teach them for using machines. It starts with key machines and ends with terminators roaming the world hunting for humans. I was never really that worried that much before because I knew I could just lock the terminator outside. But guess what, now they have the keys to get in!  It would be good for those people who can not make it to the shop during normal business hours because they are working though.


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