Green Environmentally Friendly Door Opener/Closer 
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 10:48AM
Bright Lock & Key

So I am sure everyone has seen those Toyota commercials saying how they would use the braking power of something to convert it to power for something else. Well that is exactly what this company did in order to power this door opener. The way that it works is, there is one of those handicap buttons on the wall like we are all used to seeing that is powered by a small battery to tell the opener to open the door. Kind of like a garage door opener remote. When the opener gets its signal it uses the power of an internal battery to open the door. 

Now here is the cool environment friendly part. The battery gets charged when people who do not need the opener just push the door open.  Its kind of like door socialism.  I guess socialist door opener was skipped over for its name.  And with all the new laws about needing to have a handicap accessible door. It will save a lot of money over the openers that are powered by electricity. You don't need pay or the electric bill to run it, or the electrician to run the wires for it.  Unless of course your want to buy the most expensive door opener you can find in order to stimulate the economy.  In which case I total understand and will be glad to find it for you, and do my best to spend all that extra money. If you are worried about too many people running down the battery, or you just have too many people that are lazy press the button when they don't need it, at your door. In that case it can also be hardwired to run on normal power. At that point I guess you can just install that windmill in the back that you always wanted in order to stay "green". 

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