Secret knock unlocker
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 11:14PM
Bright Lock & Key

 Just when you thought that machines could not take any more jobs. Well I have bad news Mr. guy who opens the door at secret underground clubs and illegal meeting places, oh and that guy in the Matrix that is watcing out for agent Smith.  This clever guy has designed a rather amazing and impressive two in one lock. Not only is it the only machine that I know of that opens locks based on the sound of a knock, but it is also the most ugly lock I know of. 

So the good news is that you can now watch the video to entertain yourself for the next several minutes. The bad news is that all of you that are going for that cool tech, I make cool things out of things I got at radio shack and the plumbing section at Home Depot, Macgyver look will probably not be able to buy one. It pretty much looks like he is not going to put it into production any time soon.

I don't really think you would want this to be very wide spread anyway. I mean I imagine that everyone would use one of five different knocks. Kind of how everyone uses the word password for their password. OK, I will wait while you change your password now. All you would have to do is go try the couple different knocks and one of them would be sure to work. So all those wondering starving drummer music types would be the new non-starving, watching your new plasma tv types. I also Imagine it would cause a large problem in the Parrot owners community. Those dumb birds can never keep a secret. They would be singing your knock to everyone in town.

Well I guess It was wise to only make one. I did see he has incorporated it into a gum ball machine now. That is something a little more worthy of the knock knock security. Well thanks for reading the lock blog. Don't worry next time I will try to write about something that you can buy from me so that I have lots of money and you have awesome locks.  


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