The Schlage Z-wave Locksets
Friday, February 19, 2010 at 9:51AM
Bright Lock & Key

  Welcome to the new age. This is the new line of Z-wave locks by Schlage.  So you may be looking at the picture and saying " Big deal, just another combination lock" Well yes, it is a pushbutton combination lock but it is so much more!! This Locks can be controlled via PC, cell phone or any other web browsing device. You can use your cell phone to lock and unlock the locks, as well as get an alert letting you know when ever someone enters the lock. So lets say you are at work and want to find out when your wife got home from work. The Z-wave will let you know the exact time the door was opened.  Giving you the perfect time to use that voice changing machine you have been dying to use, calling your wife the exact minute she enters from a blocked number, just to let her know you are watching her.

You can also give everyone you know a different code to enter the lock (up to 19 different codes). You then have the ability to lock out any one number that you choose from entering the lock. And all of this can be controlled from any web browsing device. The batteries last up to 3 years in these locks making them fairly maintenance free. These locks do connect through the internet using a wireless connection so you will need to have wifi in your home. The down side to this lock is that it is pretty much impossible to lock yourself out considering all the ways you can unlock it (key, pushbutton code, cell phone, computer). I mean who wants that? I am sure you would much rather prefer to lock yourself out and have the opportunity to call us at Bright Lock and Key.  Then you get to have one of our charming locksmiths come and open the door for you. I mean i would rather have a interesting conversation with a locksmith, than to face a emotionless silent piece of metal greeting me everyday i come home. Not even asking how my day was!  But if you have anti-social behavior than i guess you could buy one. They run about $300 per lock, or $299 if you fall for all those fancy price marketing tricks.

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