The LSDA Series 22 spin to lock deadbolt!!
Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 2:07PM
Bright Lock & Key

This is the LSDA Series 22 spin to lock deadbolt. I personally have this very same lock on my front door and I must say it is fantastic.  So you might be asking yourself "What does spin to lock mean?"  Well after you shut your door and are ready to lock the deadbolt, all you have to do is spin the trim and it throws the bolt. There is no more pulling out your keys and trying to fit it into the lock.  This will encourage more people to use the deadbolt instead of being too lazy to lock the deadbolt and just counting on the knob to secure your house. I mean any 10 year old with a credit card can open most knobs. And who would want a thieving 10 year old in their house. You would come home to find all your cookies and video games GONE!!  So why take the chance? 

There is another feature to this lock you may like as well. On the inside trim there is a little button that you can press down that stops the outside trim from spinning so that nobody locks the deadbolt by accident. And this fancy little button has another useful purpose. If the deadbolt is locked and the button is depressed from the inside, then you cannot gain entry from the outside with the use of the key.  So for example lets say there is a crazy raccoon out in your yard and in an attempt to slow him down you threw your keys at him. Now you are in your house with the deadbolt locked and you now realize that raccoons have thumbs and are very smart. You then run over to the window to see him sliding the key into your deadbolt!! What do you do? You just depress that nifty little button and BAMM!! You are safe. So yes this deadbolt just might save your life one day.  

Ok, so now for the bad news. It turns out that this wonderful little lock only comes in a brass finish. From my experience however, there is about an 80% chance that you have brass locks already.  Also this deadbolt only comes in a Kwikset key. So if you have Schlage or Yale locks then you wont be able match it to your other locks. Sorry. But if you like brass and your other locks are Kwicksets or one of those Kwickset knock offs then you are in luck! For the low price of $51 you too can have one, and yes we can get them for you so just give us a call.


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